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Queen. And Why You Should Love Them!

Queen. Love em? Hate em?

To me Queen are a band that defined my youth. I listened to them because my elder brother listened to them. He loved them. I loved them. Brother went to college. I stole his records.

I remember growing up and listening to nothing else but Queen. As I got older I started collecting everything they released. I had every album on CD, Cassette, Vinyl, and, if available, Picture Disc. Hell if they released something with a slightly different cover I bought that as well. The joke amongst my friends was that I would definitely buy the new album in each record shop (HMV, Our Price, Virgin and so on) because each store put different stickers on the front. I didn’t do that…but that isn’t to say I didn’t think it was a good idea…

To some my love of Queen seems strange. They will tell me that Queen are such an odd band and will point out the silly blonde drummer with shades, the lanky curly-haired guitarist, the fuzzy haired bass player with an odd leaning towards wearing ridiculously small shorts and not forgetting the bloke with goofy teeth and a dodgy moustache singing vocals whilst moving around with half a microphone stand. I would tell them they were wrong. Continue reading

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