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Biffy Clyro – Opposites (2013)

Biffy_Clyro_-_OppositesMuch has been made in the media of Biffy Clyro’s new album Opposites. For the months leading up to the release there have been interviews, “exclusives”, two tracks released, and Radio gigs to promote it. But also not least the excitement felt from the fans in the wait for it to be with us.

It arrived last Monday morning and I have played it pretty much all the time since. During the week I also discovered that there are two versions of the album; the “deluxe edition” which is the only version I thought existed (certainly how the band described it in all interviews) and a shorter, re-ordered single disc version which apparently the record label wanted to release. More on that later.

This review deals with the album as intended by the band – the two disc “opposites” of each other. I remember reading that disc one is darker, brooding, looking back at how life has changed, strains on relationships, and everything which has happened to get to the point at which they are now. The second disc is the uplifting look to the future and opportunities which await. When listening to the music the tone and mood is clear. There is much anger and pure rock out moments and there is  the anthemic choruses and joy that Biffy seem to have discovered in their most recent releases. Continue reading

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Biffy Clyro – Black Chandelier (2012) [video]

Following on from November’s audio release of the first single from the forthcoming Biffy Clyro album ‘Opposites’, the band have now produced a video for ‘Black Chandelier’.

The album is out next month, and I for one cannot wait. Click below to view the video now.

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Biffy Clyro – Black Chandelier (2012)

Biffy Clyro are back!

Following the album track release of ‘Stingin’ Belle’ earlier in the year the first single proper got played on BBC Radio 1 last night.

Starting with a ‘drip-drip, drip-drip’ vocal the song is instantly recognisable as Biffy Clyro. Once Simon Neil’s vocal starts you are back in a familiar territory as if they’ve never been away. Understated this track slowly builds to a chorus which I guarantee you’ll be singing along to after only a few listens.

Around about the three-minute mark we are treated to a lovely little “rock out” interlude before the melody of the track returns for the big finish.

Based on this track, with a sold out UK tour already scheduled for May next year, and the album Opposites coming out in January it is very likely that 2013 is going to be the biggest year yet for this Scottish band. Today they’ve posted ‘Black Chandelier’ to their official YouTube channel. Click below to listen to the single from there now.

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Coheed and Cambria – The Afterman (2012) [video]

The Afterman is the next track to be taken from the recent album The Afterman : Ascension.

After the release of ‘Domino the Destitute’ in August this track (and album) continues Claudio Sanchez’ Amory Wars storyline.  You can watch the video by clicking below.

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KISS – Monster (2012)

So I’ve been struggling to write this review for over a week. I’ve struggled because I really like KISS and after 2010’s Sonic Boom I expected big things from Monster. Come on, it is called Monster after all!!

As soon as I saw the lazy album cover and then on hearing first track ‘Hell or Hallelujah’ I started to get nervous. As I listened to the album nothing jumped out at me. I was hearing a run-of-the-mill 80’s-style rock band, not the KISS from the last album at all.

Soon after I stopped listening and thought I’ll go back to it. Perhaps I just wasn’t in the mood for them. I did go back, and the album is alright, but it just doesn’t work as well as Sonic Boom did.

This is not progress, and but then perhaps progress is not what KISS are about. Sure there is some fantastic guitar playing, and there is a classic 70’s-era sound to the production of the album. What there isn’t though is classic songs. Nothing really strong enough to justify rushing out and buying this album.

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The Rolling Stones – Doom and Gloom (2012)

2012 is the 50th Anniversary of The Rolling Stones, and to commemorate the occasion (yet another) Greatest Hits album is being released.

And like Forty Licks 10 years ago new compilation Grrr! has some new tracks, the first of which is ‘Doom and Gloom’ released this week. I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised by the track.

I am a pretty big fan of the Stones and own all their albums, have seen them live many times, and yes, yes I have bought the t-shirt too. Somehow though I just didn’t expect big things from the new material. Perhaps it was my complete feeling of “meh” when A Bigger Bang was released in 2005. That album did nothing for me.

Still, with fifty years behind them this year they have pulled a bit of a corker out of the bag with ‘Doom and Gloom’. Watch the lyric video and listen to it now. Continue reading

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Mixtape : October 2012

Howdy! Great to be back here on musicscramble with my second party playlist. In this playlist you will find a few big hits, a couple of classic tracks you might not know as well as a few modern tracks with a very classic feel.  As ever any comments or feedback are welcome, and if you discover a new band you like from the playlist then I will consider my job done!

So lets dive straight in and get this thing going!!!

H.E.A.T – Living On The Run

Starting off with a band few people have heard of is tough but this track has anthem stamped all over it. Swedish Rockers H.E.A.T  released their third album Address the Nation earlier this year and features a brand new singer. It is fair to say Eric Gronwall has done a great job with this being the stand out track and rightful single. I really do rate this band and anyone who is a fan of A.O.R. rock will love them to. Continue reading

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Coheed and Cambria – Domino The Destitute (2012)

Having just watched Coheed and Cambria at Leeds Festival this very weekend, I was particularly excited to discover that they have released a video for new track ‘Domino the Destitute’.

This is taken from the first of their two-part “Afterman” albums, The Afterman: Ascension will be released in October with The Afterman: Descension coming out in February 2013. You can watch the video now by clicking below. Continue reading

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