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Tom Keifer – The Flower Song (2013)

tomKeiferCinderella’s Tom Keifer is releasing his first ever solo album later this year. I for one are extremely excited by the prospect – it has been way too long since any new material from the Cinderella camp has been released.

This week the first fruit of his labours has surfaced with the release of ‘The Flower Song’. The mainly acoustic track, is reminiscent of the Heartbreak Station album, but also has more than a little tinge of 70’s Rod Stewart / The Faces about it. Continue reading

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Alice In Chains – Hollow (2013)

Alice In Chains have started the New Year with the first release from their forthcoming album.

‘Hollow’ is taken from the Seattle legends’ upcoming album due out later this year. The album is the follow-up to Black Gives Way To Blue  the first to feature William Duvall. Listen and watch now by clicking below. Continue reading

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NEWST3D – Metal EP (2013)

Newstead-metal-ep-coverJason Newsted is the longest-serving bassist with Metallica – from 1986 before 1987’s the $5.98 EP until 2001 resigning just before the band entered the studio to record what would become St. Anger.

In addition to Metallica, he was also previously a member of Voivod, Flotsam & Jetsam and Echobrain amongst others before taking a seemingly indefinite break. Last month he announced his return to the music scene.

Apparently his desire to return to the music stage was ignited by his appearances performing with Metallica at their 30th Anniversary shows in late 2011. It is reported the reaction of fans and the buzz he felt caused him to go on to form the band Newsted (or stylistically NEWST3D) with Jesus Mendez Jr. and Jesse Farnsworth on drums and guitar. A few days ago the band released their first music, the Metal EP.

Continue reading

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Biffy Clyro – Black Chandelier (2012)

Biffy Clyro are back!

Following the album track release of ‘Stingin’ Belle’ earlier in the year the first single proper got played on BBC Radio 1 last night.

Starting with a ‘drip-drip, drip-drip’ vocal the song is instantly recognisable as Biffy Clyro. Once Simon Neil’s vocal starts you are back in a familiar territory as if they’ve never been away. Understated this track slowly builds to a chorus which I guarantee you’ll be singing along to after only a few listens.

Around about the three-minute mark we are treated to a lovely little “rock out” interlude before the melody of the track returns for the big finish.

Based on this track, with a sold out UK tour already scheduled for May next year, and the album Opposites coming out in January it is very likely that 2013 is going to be the biggest year yet for this Scottish band. Today they’ve posted ‘Black Chandelier’ to their official YouTube channel. Click below to listen to the single from there now.

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Mixtape – October 2012 : The Halloween Special

Happy Halloween to you all. Yes the Devil’s day is here once again and is always a great reason for a party. So to get you in the “spooky spirit” here is a special playlist.

Once again all comments are welcome; I really would love to hear from you. Hope you enjoy!!

Metallica – All Nightmare Long:

Yes maybe not the most recognisable Metallica song, but it is Halloween and a night where nightmares may come true! Heavy riffing and full of everything you love about the thrash metal legends. Find it on the band’s last full studio album Death MagneticNice heavy way to get you going this time…

Motley Crue – Shout At The Devil:

So now we are into the style of music I love. It being Halloween how could i not include the title track from the band’s 1983 album? Shout along – not sing along – chorus, pounding drums, bluesy guitar solo and lots of supposedly satanic lyrics, this is a must for any Halloween rock party. Continue reading

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Mixtape : October 2012

Howdy! Great to be back here on musicscramble with my second party playlist. In this playlist you will find a few big hits, a couple of classic tracks you might not know as well as a few modern tracks with a very classic feel.  As ever any comments or feedback are welcome, and if you discover a new band you like from the playlist then I will consider my job done!

So lets dive straight in and get this thing going!!!

H.E.A.T – Living On The Run

Starting off with a band few people have heard of is tough but this track has anthem stamped all over it. Swedish Rockers H.E.A.T  released their third album Address the Nation earlier this year and features a brand new singer. It is fair to say Eric Gronwall has done a great job with this being the stand out track and rightful single. I really do rate this band and anyone who is a fan of A.O.R. rock will love them to. Continue reading

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Aerosmith – Lover Alot (2012)

’Lover Alot’, the new single proper from Aerosmith has just been released.

It’s the first new material proper in a long time and I have to say I’m a little underwhelmed. Sadly this is just like I was underwhelmed when I heard ’Legendary Child’ the track recently dug up from Get A Grip demos and given to the G.I. Joe: Retaliation soundtrack.

Hmmm. This is a little worrying as I am a massive Aerosmith fan, owning all their albums, and witnessing many live gigs including flying around the world to see them (including a cheeky trip to Vegas).

So what is it? In truth I didn’t really like Aerosmith’s last album Just Push Play either, but I put that down to a mixture of the band being tired and perhaps needing a break, and where my musical tastes were at that point. However the hiatus came and (excusing an almost exclusively covers album) Aerosmith have not released new material in 11 years. Continue reading

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Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (2011)

Red Hot Chili Peppers are back.

I’ve been a fan of RHCP since Mother’s Milk, and loved the first four albums immensely. When Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik was released it was a revelation for me. It was the first true complete piece of work they had made. Every song was stellar, and it all flowed perfectly. However over the years, under guitar leadership from John Frusciante the style of the band moved further and further away from the real funk genius of the earlier albums.

By the time Frusciante had left for the second time, the popularity of the band was huge globally, they had massive selling albums, and sold out arenas, stadiums, and more. Yet whenever I went to see them their complete reliance on the radio-friendly hits of the previous years and ignorance of classic early era Peppers was criminal. The connection between the band members and in particular Flea and John Frusciante was a joy to behold and I could have watched them play, and in particular, ‘jam’ for hours. Continue reading

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