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Box Set: Coheed and Cambria

Hopefully you read my “5 Concept Albums That Don’t Suck” piece, yes? If so, you’ll have seen that I touched on Coheed and Cambria and their forays into the world of science fiction with “The Amory Wars”; a tale of action, love and revenge that spans all of the albums and singer/songwriter Claudio Sanchez’s side project The Prize Fighter Inferno.

Here we take a much closer look at all of the Coheed albums from a musical standpoint. I’m going to try to avoid concentrating on the story too much although it’s largely unavoidable. There are three good reasons for trying to avoid getting entrenched in the storyline anyway. Firstly, it will take way too many pages to write that. Secondly, it’s considerably better documented and debated on t’Internet than anything I could produce, namely on fansite Cobalt and Calcium’s forum. And thirdly, I haven’t got a goddamn clue what’s going on past the second album. Continue reading

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