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Stereophonics @ O2 Academy, Glasgow – 17/12/12

Stereophonics - O2 Academy, Glasgow - December 2012I am a huge fan of the Stereophonics. Or at least, I was. Seeing them support Skunk Anansie at the Barrowlands back in 1997 before their debut Word Gets Around. When the three-piece “pop-rock” band were young and had real fire in their belly it would be hard not to become a fan.

Since then I’ve seen them on every album tour, from debut album tiny venues, headlining Festivals on Performance & Cocktails, the Kelly Jones ‘JEEP’ acoustic tour and everything after. Pull The Pin was OK but The Greatest Hits tour of 2008 was fantastic. Then came Keep Calm and Carry On.

I couldn’t keep calm, and I certainly couldn’t carry on. The album limped along, was dull and boring, and the resulting arena shows were equally lacklustre. Even the infamous Glasgow-crowd couldn’t improve on these shows. I swore I’d never see them again, and if they hadn’t announced a series of “intimate” shows this Christmas I’d have stuck to that.

The thing is, when they’re on fire the Stereophonics are great live. When they’re great live in a small venue then the roof is well and truly raised. So it was worth taking the risk. You know, just in case. Continue reading

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InMe @ O2 ABC, Glasgow, 06/12/12

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By now I’m sure regular readers will be aware that we are big fans of InMe, so to have them playing in the city twice in the same year was a great opportunity that was difficult to pass up. Playing the O2 ABC2 certainly won’t be the pinnacle of their career by any stretch, but to see the dedication of the 100 or so fans who came out to see them again on a cold and frosty winter’s evening must bring a warm glow to the band’s collective heart.

On the off chance you missed it, InMe released their fifth studio album The Pride in February this year and toured it shortly after. That gig was what you’d expect from a new release promotional tour in that it was a mix of the new material and fan favourites whereas tonight was a little different. Bravely eschewing the common route of repeating the same tour for maximum cash, InMe instead went for an alternative set list of lesser played tracks from the now substantial back catalogue with fewer from the latest release than I expected. Continue reading

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Cottage Beat Club @ Cumbernauld Theatre, 17/11/12

Muttnik Cottage Beat Club Gig PosterA week or so back Muttnik featured in our New Band Spotlight section, so it was with great pleasure that I headed to Cumbernauld Theatre to see them in the flesh. Hopefully not literally as they have a promise to “rawk with baws oot”. That could be uncomfortable in a confined space. As one of the few occasions that I’ve been able to see one of our featured artists do their thing live I was looking forward to it indeed.

First up though were M A D I S O N, a young local band with plenty of musical chops despite looking like they’d need to wait a few more years to join in with annual charity event Movember. Although their opening track wasn’t instantly engaging, their set came alive as the second track kicked in with some fantastic drumming at its core. Unfortunately the sound mix meant that the bass overrode a lot of the other instruments, but certainly not enough to ruin the show. Continue reading


Rage Against The Machine – Know Your Enemy @ Finsbury Park 2010

In 2009 there was an organised campaign to get Rage Against The Machine’s 1992 single ‘Killing In The Name’ to the top of the charts ahead of the usual annual X Factor release to become Christmas Number One.

This was an extremely successful and well run campaign which not only succeeded but gave all the profits from selling the single to the homeless charity Shelter. As a thank you, RATM played a free gig in Finsbury Park, London that following summer. Of course, I just had to be there and unbelievably it is already two years ago past in June, since they played the free concert.

The band have been very quiet ever since that summer, but are about to release the 20th Anniversary Edition of their self-titled debut album. There are many goodies on this release which we will review in full once we have it. However ahead of this the band have issued a video clip included in the deluxe edition which just happens to be ‘Know Your Enemy’ live from the famous 2010 Finsbury Park celebration concert. Continue reading

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Alice Cooper @ Usher Hall, Edinburgh, 31/10/12

Alice Cooper is the original (and best) Horror Rocker on the scene. He’s been doing it longer and better than any other imposter out there.

Tonight it makes sense to go see him since it is Halloween. Halloween with Alice is Edinburgh this year. In the Usher Hall, a venue more used to classical shows actually. The seats have been removed on the ground floor of this gorgeous Victorian building to create a fantastic slanted standing area allowing virtually zombie, vampire, sexy nurse, nun, priest and many other Halloween costumed fan to see the stage from wherever they are stood. Having seen Alice many times before this definitely felt like the smallest and most intimate venue of them all.

The whole bill tonight is a stellar one, with both Duff McKagan’s Loaded and Ugly Kid Joe in support. I don’t always mention the support act when reviewing a show, but it is worth noting such a strong bill when one like this comes along. It felt like a mini-festival with both bands playing their hearts out and definitely re-animating the many zombies amongst us! Continue reading

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Wednesday 13 @ KOKO, London 31/10/12

If Alice Cooper is the master of horror rock then that makes Wednesday 13 very much his protégée and so it makes perfect sense for him to be playing on Halloween night. If that wasn’t special enough it’s his only UK date of the current tour to celebrate the new Spook and Destroy EP.

First up is opening act Fearless Vampire Killers, who seem to please the younger audience but fail to win over the majority of the crowd. The band put in a lot of effort but fail to do the job of an opening act; get you in the mood for the main event of the night. Random riffing, not much rhythm, weak vocals and songs that didn’t seem to have much depth. It almost seems as if the band have been groomed by their record label due to the success of Black Veil Brides as they have an image similar to them. Highlight of the set is a cover of Wham’s Club Tropicana which goes down very well and finally give you that hint of a party. Continue reading

Muse @ SECC, Glasgow 24/10/12

So the thing about Muse is that they are phenomenal musicians, and always seem to have exemplary sound production live. Having seen them on every album tour they’ve ever done, the reality is you’re going to get a bit of a biased review from me; I am a huge fan of their live shows.

Tonight in Glasgow they started their UK new album campaign. The 2nd Law isn’t the easiest album to get into immediately. Or at least, it’s not as immediate as previous releases. With the show starting with ’dubstep’ track ‘The 2nd Law : Unsustainable’ it was clear from the get-go that (like all tours before) we were in for a night of perfect musicianship and elaborate stage theatrics.

There was much which was different from those previous shows worthy of mention. These include the fact that Matt seems to have found his talking voice. Normally it is Dom who does all the talking to the crowd and any real interaction. Just watch HAARP to see what I mean. Tonight though, and a first in my memory, Matt did pretty much all the talking. Continue reading

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Radiohead @ Manchester Arena, 06/10/12

A Radiohead gig is an event. They don’t play ‘that’ often, and whenever they roll around to a city nearby there is always a scramble to get tickets.

In an attempt to only sell the tickets to fans, and remove the secondary ticket market of scalping and touts this was a ‘ticketless event’. When buying the tickets – directly from Radiohead you had to submit the names of each person who will be using the tickets to gain entry. Then, on arrival to the venue you needed to present Photo ID of each named attendee and they had to be there in person all together with the booking confirmation and bank card used to purchase. Your booking confirmation was taken from you and each person was given a wristband with a barcode on it; this was your entry to the show.

It seems like a bit of a rigmarole, but the truth is it worked seamlessly. That is if all the people who originally were going six months earlier, were still going now. For us that was the situation and the process was painless and very quick.

The venue is a personal favourite of mine and not long before the band hit the stage there is a clear air of expectation and excitement bubbling over. Coming on stage to King of Limbs album track ‘Lotus Flower’, followed immediately by ‘Airbag’ from OK Computer it was clear that Radiohead were in the top form they always seem to be. The sound was immaculate (in fairness a lot to do with Manchester Arena too) and the playing from all members (including additional drummer Clive Deamer) was exemplary. Continue reading

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