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Coheed and Cambria “Dark Side of Me” Video

Coheed and Cambria have released the video for “Dark Side of Me”, the penultimate track from new album The Afterman: Descension, which was released on Feb 4th. Keep an eye out on Musicscramble next week for the album review, but in the meantime enjoy the video below and be sure to check out the review of The Afterman: Ascension and our Box Set review of their discography.


Funeral For A Friend – Conduit (2013)

Funeral For A Friend - ConduitTwo years ago I was singing the praises of FFAF’s Welcome Home Armageddon; an album which included a streamlined sound with heavier tones. The evolution continues on Conduit, but sadly one member of the band is being left behind. Unfortunately that man is singer Matt Davies.

Without vocals, Conduit is an extremely heavy album for the band. Guitar has some great crunching chugging riffs, bass is deep and rich and drums are as great as they’ve always been despite the fairly recent introduction of new drummer Pat Lundy, previously of Rise To Remain. The players have tightened up their skills and sound like an accomplished metal band rather than the FFAF I’ve known and loved for years. This does unfortunately mean that there’s much less of the signature guitar neck high string trickery though which is a shame. Continue reading

Tom Keifer – The Flower Song (2013)

tomKeiferCinderella’s Tom Keifer is releasing his first ever solo album later this year. I for one are extremely excited by the prospect – it has been way too long since any new material from the Cinderella camp has been released.

This week the first fruit of his labours has surfaced with the release of ‘The Flower Song’. The mainly acoustic track, is reminiscent of the Heartbreak Station album, but also has more than a little tinge of 70’s Rod Stewart / The Faces about it. Continue reading

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Bad Religion – True North (2013)

Bad Religion - True NorthThis may be the shortest review I’ve ever written, which seems quite fitting considering the average Bad Religion song couldn’t be further from the 20 minute epic style of music. Simply put, this is a Bad Religion album. It sounds pretty much exactly like you’d expect a Bad Religion album to sound. Lucky then that Bad Religion are still one of the best punk bands on the planet.

Starting off in blistering form with the title track, True North immediately lays out what you’re going to be getting over the next 36 minutes in the form of 16 blistering songs. Lets pretend you’ve never heard Bad Religion before though. What’s on offer here is a collection of 2-3 minute songs with all the hallmarks of proper punk – none of your pop tinged Fall Out Boy/Blink 182 style bollocks here; this is political, philosophical, anti-establishment, socially aware music. Continue reading

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Mallory Knox – Signals (2013)

Mallory Knox - SignalsI’ve no idea why, but for some reason I believed Mallory Knox to be a metal band. Perhaps it was the name, taken from Juliette Lewis psychotic character from movie Natural Born Killers. When I went to iTunes and had a run through the previews of Signals I was surprised to find an artist that sounded nothing like I expected them to, though based on the previews I took the plunge and purchased the album right away. Sometimes these gambles can be a bit hit and miss, but thankfully this one has paid off in spades.

Genre wise, they are in actual fact one of the increasingly popular young English bands from a genre I’m considering classifying as “post-emo”. Now before you let out a sigh and close this page down, let me explain that logic. Continue reading

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DJ Format – Statement of Intent (2012)

DJ Format - Statement of IntentI would love to say that I am a huge fan of DJ Format. I think those credentials have been revoked on the grounds that I managed to completely miss the fact that there was a new album, Statement of Intent, released in February 2012. That said, first two albums Music For the Mature B-Boy and If You Can’t Join ‘Em…Beat Em are two of my top albums of all time, so I think I can still claim a little of the fanboydom. When I spotted it during a random browse of the iTunes store, I immediately grabbed the esoteric DJ’s latest release and got stuck right in.

What I love about DJ Format is his ability to take obscure tracks from all manner of musical styles including disco, soul, funk and swing, throw them together with a few beats and scratches of his own and creating a new chimeric monster with every track. But that’s only half of the story as the majority of tracks are coupled with unique vocal stylings, this time featuring appearances from Edan, Mr Lif, Phill Most Chill and Sureshot La Rock plus musical collaborations with The Nostalgia 77 Quintet and The Simonsound. Continue reading

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Alice In Chains – Hollow (2013)

Alice In Chains have started the New Year with the first release from their forthcoming album.

‘Hollow’ is taken from the Seattle legends’ upcoming album due out later this year. The album is the follow-up to Black Gives Way To Blue  the first to feature William Duvall. Listen and watch now by clicking below. Continue reading

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NEWST3D – Metal EP (2013)

Newstead-metal-ep-coverJason Newsted is the longest-serving bassist with Metallica – from 1986 before 1987’s the $5.98 EP until 2001 resigning just before the band entered the studio to record what would become St. Anger.

In addition to Metallica, he was also previously a member of Voivod, Flotsam & Jetsam and Echobrain amongst others before taking a seemingly indefinite break. Last month he announced his return to the music scene.

Apparently his desire to return to the music stage was ignited by his appearances performing with Metallica at their 30th Anniversary shows in late 2011. It is reported the reaction of fans and the buzz he felt caused him to go on to form the band Newsted (or stylistically NEWST3D) with Jesus Mendez Jr. and Jesse Farnsworth on drums and guitar. A few days ago the band released their first music, the Metal EP.

Continue reading

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