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Cottage Beat Club @ Cumbernauld Theatre, 17/11/12

Muttnik Cottage Beat Club Gig PosterA week or so back Muttnik featured in our New Band Spotlight section, so it was with great pleasure that I headed to Cumbernauld Theatre to see them in the flesh. Hopefully not literally as they have a promise to “rawk with baws oot”. That could be uncomfortable in a confined space. As one of the few occasions that I’ve been able to see one of our featured artists do their thing live I was looking forward to it indeed.

First up though were M A D I S O N, a young local band with plenty of musical chops despite looking like they’d need to wait a few more years to join in with annual charity event Movember. Although their opening track wasn’t instantly engaging, their set came alive as the second track kicked in with some fantastic drumming at its core. Unfortunately the sound mix meant that the bass overrode a lot of the other instruments, but certainly not enough to ruin the show. Continue reading


New Band Spotlight: Muttnik

Muttnik Band LogoThe subjects of the last couple of new bands I’ve introduced to you in the New Band Spotlight have been from the other side of the Atlantic ocean so I thought it was time to introduce you to someone a little closer to home. In fact, almost quite literally close to my home in Glasgow. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Muttnik.

Who are you and where do you hail from?

We are Muttnik – and we hail from the Cumbernauld area near Glasgow, Scotland.

Please introduce the band members

Vocals : Jim Morrison
Bass/vocals : Allister Weir
Guitar : Alan Ferguson
Drums : David Weir
Guitar/vocals : Rob Huggins
Lead Guitar/weird awesome noises : Simon Stewart

How would you describe your sound?

Loud, banging, heavy, sometimes weird – ALWAYS full of BAWS! Continue reading

Fel Fiasco – Find The Light (2012)

Back in May we featured Fel Fiasco in our New Band Spotlight section. Since then amongst other things they’ve been busy beavers off filming their first video, for single “Find The Light”. Give the video a watch then be sure to catch up with our Q&A with the band.

New Band Spotlight: Matchstickmen

Who are you and where do you hail from? We are Matchstickmen – A four piece rock band from Liverpool, the home of rock n’ roll. We’re here to finish what the Beatles started.

Please introduce the band members. Lewis Wright – Vocals, Peter Donnelly – Guitar, Iain Forsyth – Bass and introducing Mark O’Brien – Drums. Lewis Wright serenades using a sure 58 microphone and a cheeky megaphone and gyrates on a straight microphone floor stand with heavy solid round base. Peter uses a PRS SE (sexy edition) custom 24 with Marshal JCM 2000 amp on a 1930’s cab and a floorboard of stompbox goodness. And also pink plecs so no one robs them. Iain rocks a Hartke3500 head, Ashdown Refrigerator, six strings of pure bass rage… and a big muff!…  and Mark… well… he bangs shit, tama stylee. Continue reading

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New Band Spotlight: Four Nights Gone

Four Nights Gone Band ShotKeeping up the international bands theme, we’re headed off to the United States for our next group of up and comers. Say hello to Four Nights Gone.

Who are you and where do you hail from?

We’re Four Nights Gone, a hard rock band from Staten Island, NY.

Please introduce the band members.

Damian LaRocco – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Imran Xhelili – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Alex Basovskiy – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals, Steven “Lobes” Romano – Drums/Percussion.

How would you describe your sound?

Alternative Hard Rock. A mix of bands like Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace and Papa Roach with our own twist on it. Continue reading

New Band Spotlight: Slasher

Slasher Band ShotIn a nice double first for Musicscramble, we go international and introduce our first metal band to the New Band Spotlight fraternity. We had a few words with Lúcio Nunes, guitarist and backing vocalist from Slasher. Amazingly, despite his native Portuguese tongue he apologised for his English and yet I barely had to edit this at all. Hell, his English might well be better than my own!

Who are you and where do you hail from?

We are Slasher, a thrash metal quintet from São Paulo, Brazil.

Please introduce the band members.

As mentioned before, we are 5 members. First, I’ll introduce the ones who are in the band since its beginning in 2008. Daniel Macedo is the vocalist, Wellington Clemente the bassist and backing vocalist and Lucas Aldigheri is the other guitarist. Taddei Roberto, drummer, joined us later in 2010, after Rafael Coradi left to dedicate to his Hard Rock project. Continue reading

New Band Spotlight: Fel Fiasco

Fel Fiasco 01Keeping the new band spotlight section rocketing along, please give a big hello to Fel Fiasco.

Who are you and where do you hail from?
We are Fel Fiasco and we hail from Exeter, Devon.

Please introduce the band members.
Lenny Carnell – Vocals
Abi Crisp – Guitar
Dan Chase – Guitar
Dan Cosgrove – Bass
Josh Waterfield – Drums Continue reading

New Band Spotlight: Sonic Hearts Foundation

Today I want to introduce a new band spotlight of a band local to us who we saw live in March, and have kept in touch with since.

Who are you and where do you hail from?
Sonic Hearts Foundation, Glasgow

Please introduce the band members
Anthony (guitar / vox/ Keys), Brian (Guitar/ Synth) Thomas (Drums), Conor (Bass)

How would you describe your sound?
Effects driven wall of sound with intense tribal like drumming, rhythmic bass lines and lyrics which represent modern times. Continue reading

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