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10 Song Playlist – Pearl Jam

The purpose of the 10 Song Playlist articles on Musicscramble is to highlight 10 tracks which you really should hear of a given band. It is not necessarily meant to serve as a “Best Of” or the “Top Ten Songs you MUST Hear”. Often with music your favourite songs change and therefore songs which make the list today may well not if it was written tomorrow. And for no band is this more true than with Pearl Jam.

Depending on the mood of the day: be it you want to rock out, or perhaps get deeper and you want to chill with a bottle of (Eddie’s favourite) red wine then the list would prove very different. Therefore what this article attempts to provide is 10 songs that I love. Granted, by definition that should make them MY top 10 songs however anybody who has a favourite band will also know that it just doesn’t work like that. Or to put it in perspective, the first cut (and I was brutal to start with) of this list harvested 29 songs! Therefore my criteria for the tracks which made this list provided some sort of memory or elicited a personal feeling which justified its inclusion, not simply that it was one of the 10 BEST SONGS of Pearl Jam. Continue reading


Pearl Jam @ Manchester Arena 20/06/2012

The last time I saw Pearl Jam was at Hyde Park in 2010 and I did not enjoy the gig at all. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen Pearl Jam, and it wasn’t really anything they did wrong, or their setlist. Admittedly the sound was more than a little quiet but the gig just passed with little fanfare and much disappointment.

Tonight in Manchester I was there to exorcise some demons. Of course I was nervous that it would be the final nail in the coffin of experiencing a band I’ve loved since their debut single. The mix of nerves and excitement was building quietly inside and by the time they arrived on stage at 8:45pm – like most of the 21,000 capacity crowd – I could hardly contain myself. Perhaps fitting then that they started with a version of ‘Release’ from Ten which was perfect in every way. Continue reading

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