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Mixtape – October 2012 : The Halloween Special

Happy Halloween to you all. Yes the Devil’s day is here once again and is always a great reason for a party. So to get you in the “spooky spirit” here is a special playlist.

Once again all comments are welcome; I really would love to hear from you. Hope you enjoy!!

Metallica – All Nightmare Long:

Yes maybe not the most recognisable Metallica song, but it is Halloween and a night where nightmares may come true! Heavy riffing and full of everything you love about the thrash metal legends. Find it on the band’s last full studio album Death MagneticNice heavy way to get you going this time…

Motley Crue – Shout At The Devil:

So now we are into the style of music I love. It being Halloween how could i not include the title track from the band’s 1983 album? Shout along – not sing along – chorus, pounding drums, bluesy guitar solo and lots of supposedly satanic lyrics, this is a must for any Halloween rock party. Continue reading

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Steve Harris – This Is My God (2012)

A short while back legendary Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris released his first solo album, British Lion. A review of that is coming soon, however much more recently he released the first video from the album.

‘This Is My God’ is a perfect introduction to a solo Steve Harris and although no less brilliant, underlines how much the album is a departure from Iron Maiden. You really owe it to yourself to watch it now. Continue reading

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Iron Maiden – En Vivo! (2012)

Iron Maiden have released a new live album.

Yes, another one! Iron Maiden must have the most live albums ever (well except for Pearl Jam, but arguably that doesn’t count) and En Vivo! is a document of their most recent The Final Frontier Tour. Musicscramble were lucky enough to catch Maiden on this tour three times, at Sonisphere 2010, Glasgow and Birmingham 2011. Each time they were as stunning as ever.

With such a strong back catalogue, it would be easy for Maiden to rest on their history and play the ‘hits’, but as En Vivo! proves they don’t need to rely on previous great songs; the recent material is just as strong as anything which has gone before. The album (and accompanying DVD which we have not yet seen) starts with three songs from The Final Frontier album; the first half of ‘Satellite 15’ is a long intro tape whipping up excitement in the crowd – just listen the rising wave of chants – before the band hit the stage to play the later-part of the song. ‘The Final Frontier’, and ‘El Dorado’ are next proving without question just how good the new material Maiden have written is. Continue reading

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