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Funeral For A Friend – Conduit (2013)

Funeral For A Friend - ConduitTwo years ago I was singing the praises of FFAF’s Welcome Home Armageddon; an album which included a streamlined sound with heavier tones. The evolution continues on Conduit, but sadly one member of the band is being left behind. Unfortunately that man is singer Matt Davies.

Without vocals, Conduit is an extremely heavy album for the band. Guitar has some great crunching chugging riffs, bass is deep and rich and drums are as great as they’ve always been despite the fairly recent introduction of new drummer Pat Lundy, previously of Rise To Remain. The players have tightened up their skills and sound like an accomplished metal band rather than the FFAF I’ve known and loved for years. This does unfortunately mean that there’s much less of the signature guitar neck high string trickery though which is a shame. Continue reading


5 Concept Albums That Don’t Suck

WizardDon’t browse away! Yes yes, I know I’ve gone and said two words that would normally strike fear into the hearts of the average music fan. Concept Album. There, I’ve said it again. So what are you thinking about now I’ve used that fateful term? Have you automatically conjured up images of hairy hippy types in crazy clothes smoking crazier substances somewhere in the mid 70’s, churning out 28 minute long tales of dragons, flaming swords and mystical wibbly wobbly maguffins?

You wouldn’t be incorrect exactly, but if you truly believe that’s where the concept album begins and ends, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are modern classics out there that you may not even realise have their own story to tell. I’ve picked out five of the best of recent times in no particular order, all of which released after the year 2000. To the best of my knowledge, not one of them has a dragon, a flaming sword, or a shining knight of justice. I’m not so sure if they weren’t written with the help of some special herbal remedies though. Continue reading

Paul’s Top Ten Albums of 2011

It’s that time of year when all you get on TV, radio, magazines and the Internet are reviews of the last twelve months. So with that in mind, here’s my top ten of twenty eleven 🙂

Gareth’s already posted his and surprisingly there’s little symmetry between our choices with only one album sharing a spot in both charts. Assured though there were a lot of great released in 2011 and this was a difficult list for me to compile. But I was forced to listen to them all again as a ‘precaution’, so it wasn’t exactly a hardship. Continue reading

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Funeral For A Friend @ King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, 20/03/11

“We love Glasgow”, says frontman Matt Davies. “It’s the only place outside Wales that we feel at home”. And boy, do they ever. Funeral For A Friend are touring in support of new album Welcome Home Armageddon and somewhat strangely, the Glasgow leg of the tour is in 300 capacity King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, one of Glasgow’s most historic venues. It’s clear though that this venue has been chosen not to sell tickets and makes loads of easy cash, but purely for a love of the venue and the fans.

But lets rewind a little to the support bands. Fellow Welshmen Tiger Please are first up and although the numbers in the hall are quite small at this early stage, they still make a really good go of it. Their fans have turned up though and there’s some good support and banter with the audience. Continue reading

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Funeral For A Friend – Welcome Home Armageddon (2011)

FFAF - Welcome Home ArmageddonFuneral For A Friend have had a turbulent couple of years since the release of best of album Your History Is Mine in 2009. After the departure of their primary guitar player, existing bass player Gavin Burrough took over guitar duties and the band replaced him with old friend Richard Boucher. Following the release of EP The Young And Defenceless at the end of 2010, the band now return in triumphant form with Welcome Home Armageddon.

Lets get the simple stuff out-of-the-way. I’m loving this record. Being a long time FFAF fan new material is always welcome, but I do have a tendency to fleetingly listen to things and return to it later. Welcome has been round my ears time and again since its release and has placed everything else I’ve picked up in the last two weeks on the back burner. Continue reading

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