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Soundgarden – By Crooked Steps (2013)

Soundgarden have released a video for the track ‘By Crooked Steps’ from last year’s King Animal album.

Whilst the song is impressive, the really interesting thing about the video is that it was directed by Dave Grohl. Never the one to shy away from work, Dave turned his hand to the video after feeling the track was one of the stand-out tracks when he first heard the album.

With a small injection of humour seen in Foo Fighters videos, the track features a Segway chase, live performance in a bar, and a police arrest which reminded me of the brilliant Blues Brothers. Check it out below. Continue reading

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Paul’s Top Ten Albums of 2011

It’s that time of year when all you get on TV, radio, magazines and the Internet are reviews of the last twelve months. So with that in mind, here’s my top ten of twenty eleven 🙂

Gareth’s already posted his and surprisingly there’s little symmetry between our choices with only one album sharing a spot in both charts. Assured though there were a lot of great released in 2011 and this was a difficult list for me to compile. But I was forced to listen to them all again as a ‘precaution’, so it wasn’t exactly a hardship. Continue reading

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Gareth’s Top 10 Albums of 2011

There were hundreds of albums released in 2011, and followers of musicscramble would have read some of our reviews as they release through the year. However, looking back over 2011 and despite many top bands returning with album releases it felt like there was a somewhat of a ‘stunning album drought’.

Unlike previous years it was a little easier to make a Top Ten albums list for 2011, but culling the list of strong albums down to ten was still difficult – just easier than previous years. Without further comment here is my list. Continue reading

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